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Create an Authentic Brand and Marketing Strategy

I get it. You have enough going on as you focus on launching EVERY ASPECT of your business. Having to plan out the details of your branding and marketing strategy doesn't make it any easier. 

This is where I come in.

I'm not here to give you just a logo or just a website. I'm here to be your personal marketing strategist, focusing on YOU to get this stuff dialed in and ready to rock.

So leave the nitty gritty stuff to me and focus on what you do best - envisioning your ideal brand and business and sharing that dream with me. Together we'll develop a professional, powerful marketing strategy that is authentically you.

 Brand and Marketing Essentials for Solopreneurs

Brand + Marketing Essentials

The Brand and Marketing Essentials package for solopreneurs includes:

  • Logo, typography, and brand color palette
  • Clean, professional, and easy-to-use website
  • Business cards (design + print + ship)
  • Email newsletter and social accounts setup
  • Simple, action-oriented marketing plan with customized short and long term strategies

Have something else in mind? Contact me here to see how I can support you.